Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Below: A definition of the campaigns we are trying to create which require your help!

:::Definition for Normal People::

* I am a 20 year old college student that wants to change the world.
* I used to volunteer in a small Oxfam shop in London, England
* I do art, every kind
* One day, my friend asked me "How can you do Theater when Children are dying in Africa?" It hit me.
* My husband and I created a campaign:
* "Art=Food". Food for Thought for Those who Are Hungry: Asking for 1$ every time you buy groceries to go to aid hunger. Once we get this passed as an NGO we would like to create a nation-wide organization that lets you donate $1 to hunger at the press of your cashier/self service button.
* Also
* I think Broadway should Link with Oxfam and ONE to link entertainment with solving hunger.
* In the future, I see a percentage of our taxes, given to Oxfam and ONE foundation.
* In a local and global sense, art of excellent quality will be shared with those in need. not only monetary donations will be made, but something else which exposes the needy to the world of art. Hopefully, this will also increase literacy.
* Which brings up my
* DE@FOC.US program,
which brings art to people in need to heal them not to focus on their pain
* So, we are excited
* but of course need funding, ideas, networking, a 5013C, and Arttttttttttttttttttttt
* Thanks :)

:::Definition for Artists::
We are an organization that promotes art in every way shape and form and it's collaboration and use for good. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this project by posting only complete original artwork. We do not have a location, but are transient and enjoy the sensations of art. This blogspot is open for contributions (please cite who you are to gain correct credit). If you would like to work for Transient Sensations, do submit your work with a note and we will contact you for use in our publication used to provide entertainment for those in need of it. We are just getting started so let's fill these empty pages! Let's expose those in need to art and donate for food one step at a time. Our goal is to link Broadway and Oxfam together. We start small in the here and now. Enjoy. Email submissions to: God Bless-Kat B. King and August Kane

(Influences:, Magnum Photos, ... )

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