Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dance & Do- Good NGO's



These websites are incredible, please check them out if you haven't already! My friend, Anna, sent me this list. Some of these I am new to and not familiar with their sponsoring organizations. However, I have been visiting the Hunger Site and their affiliates for years, since one of my high school math teachers campaigned for to be the home page on every school computer, and highly recommend their sites. Their awesome stores have fair trade products and support their causes as well.
Setting one of these sites as your home page (rather than or whatever) is a great reminder to be generous every time you get online. When you click on the sites, the site displays ads from their sponsors. It takes only seconds to click the "Give" button. Advertising money then goes to fund programs that give food to the hungry! Also, consider playing the Free Rice, Free Flour, or one of the Free Water games when you are bored at work, instead of playing Solitaire or Freecell.
Please visit the informational links at the bottom as well. In this time of recession we may be concerned about making ends meet, or where our next meal is coming from. This is NOTHING compared to the suffering those who always live in that mind frame. It shocked me to visit those links and see how little others are living off of and will live of indefinitely--until we do something.

"I dedicate this merit to the liberation and salvation of all sentient beings. May I bring them food to eat, clothing to keep them warm, houses to keep them safe, and love to make them strong. In this way, may all my mothers and fathers be happy and practice the Dharma until they are all free." -Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo


|________________ FREE FOOD DONATION CLICKS ____________________|

=Staple Foods=

** http://www. freerice. com - Free Rice

** http://www. freeflour. com - Free Bread

=Free Water=

*** http://www. freepoverty. com - Lots of free water!

** http://www. helpthirst. com - Free water

=Free Meals=

*** http://www. bhook. com - Just Click!

*** http://www. pajacyk. pl - Click the green button on his stomach!

*** - Just Click!

*** http://www. porloschicos. com/PorLosChicos. NET/index_english. htm - Click the blue button!

*** http://www. feedsa. com - Click the white button!

*** http://www. hungerfighters. com - Click the green box!

*** http://www. povertyfighters. com/ - Click the blue box!

*** http://www. thehungersite. com - Click the yellow box! (Please also check out their affiliate sites via the links at the top of the page: The Breast Cancer Site, The Child Health Site, The Literacy Site, The Rainforest Site, and The Animal Rescue Site. All of these sites have awesome stores which support their causes as well.)

*** http://www. okruszek. org. pl - Click the Bread button!

*** http://www. chintai. net/contribution/index. html - Click the blue box!

*** http://www. kct-uk. org/click - Just visit the site!

*** http://www. straatkind. nl/ - Click on the small red ball.

*** http://www. worldhunger. org/contributefood. htm - Just click!

Help the kids:

** http://children. care2. com - Click the blue box!

** http://www. hungrychildren. com - Click the blue button!

Causes change monthly:

** http://www. youthnoise. com/page. php?page_id=2335 - Click the red button!


* http://www. definition-of. com - Submit a word

** http://www. spendu. org/beta/index. php - Sprechen Sie Deutsch? This is a German Rice Game!

[[ CLICK RATINGS: *** = excellent **= good *= could be easier? ]]


♦ Special Notice: Donate! 25 cents a meal @ http://www. causes. com/hunger

Please Donate spare money! A Meal is just 25 cents!

Currently: over $13,000 USD donated (this Cause plus others)

♥ We find it hard to feel for these people, and importantly children, as they are not our own sister, son or relative.

♥ But if you just open your heart for 1 second you will be Flooded by the Despair facing the starving children of Humanity.

________________________WANT TO KNOW MORE ?_________________

World Hunger: World Interactive Map - Where is World Hunger?

http://www. wfp. org/country_brief/hunger_map/map/hungermap_popup/map_popup. html

World Hunger: A Study of families - How much do you eat?

http://worldfoodinequality. googlepages. com/


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